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We are the world's leading team of U.S.-based advanced academic consultants, researchers, writers, and editors.

Our backgrounds include high level professional, technical, creative and academic subject matter areas. Our staff members hold MA, MS, MSN, MBA, and PhD degrees from the most elite colleges and universities in the U.S. (Stanford, Harvard, Northwestern, Penn, Brown, UCLA, Williams, Duke, Cornell...the list goes on!)

Many of our team members are published in academic journals, in popular print media, and across the spectrum of global online channels.

We are uniquely qualified to provide our clients with personalized and customized thesis and dissertation consultation and writing services that guarantee the highest levels of academic success.

Unlike 99% of online academic services, each of our Consultant-Writers is a U.S.-based native English writer/speaker. Their advanced degrees were earned at traditional, brick-and-mortar universities, not through online diploma-mills. Our team is not located off-shore, and works on U.S. Time Zone schedules.

When your carefully-chosen GradSchoolGenius Consultant-Writer works with you, they do so with only one objective: your advanced academic achievement.



GradSchoolGenius academic experts have helped thousands of graduate-level students through the most rigorous writing challenges, from initial proposal through final draft and committee review through dissertation defense.


collaborative consultation

What sets GradSchoolGenius apart is our in-depth process of "collaborative consultation," guided by your academic objectives and the expectations of your Dissertation Committee or Advisory Panel.



We provide you with the best customer support service for your ease and convenience. You can contact our support team anytime via email or live chat without any extra charges.
They will help you in keeping track of your order to ensure the delivery of the finest level of research and writing, within your deadline.

How does it work?

Calculate your price and give us your project details.

We respond IMMEDIATELY and confirm your details/deadlines/price.

Upon order confirmation, we will find the best-suited consultant-writer for your project.

Payments are made at project milestones, so you're always aware of your project's progress.

Your GradSchoolGenius Consultant-Writer will provide a full range of primary and/or secondary data analysis and has deep access to institutional and governmental databases to support the research and writing.

When we deliver your thesis or dissertation, you'll be fully informed of our process and findings. You will be completely prepared to discuss and defend the research, writing, and conclusions at any level of academic review.

Our systems, methods, and the work product we will deliver to you are focused strictly upon

  • Master's level research & writing
  • 100% original, plagiarism-free, 100% confidential
  • APA, MLA, CMS, Harvard styles
  • Adherence to your University's requirements
  • Focused on your method (qualitative, quantitative, mixed)
  • Data collection plans and tools
  • Literature Review
  • Data analysis
  • Discussion section writing & citations
  • Thesis defense preparation
  • Editing, Proofing, Formatting, Presentation
  • Complete consultation and research planning
  • Topic research and selection
  • Research, data collection
  • Complete writing/editing:
    • Proposal
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Literature Review
    • Findings
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Recommendations
  • In-text citations
  • Hypotheses focus, research question concepts & execution
  • Formatting as per APA, MLA, CMS, Harvard style requirements
  • Data analysis as per methodology
  • Complete defense planning, preparation, execution with supporting visuals (PowerPoint)
Student-Client Testimonials
Here's what our recent clients have to say:
GradSchoolGenius Advantages
  • 100 % native English-speaking U.S. academic writing team
  • The experienced and Professional customer support team
  • FAST turnarounds
  • Customized project-specific price
  • Milestone work-in-progress payments put you in CONTROL
  • GUARANTEED pricing
  • 100% confidentiality
  • 24/7 phone/text response & support
  • Unparalleled satisfaction GUARANTEE. You don't pay if you don't approve the work
  • Subject matter expertise: Liberal Arts to Health Sciences
  • International reach, serving students worldwide
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Dissertation Writing Services: Top Thesis Writing Service in the USA

Looking for top-quality and expert thesis and dissertation writing services online? Welcome to We offer and provide economical and custom thesis writing services to busy students.

Thesis and dissertation writing is a specialized kind of writing. It is different from essay writing or even writing a research paper and needs a high level of concentration and focus. It is crucial academic work and the student has to work really hard to get an A in it. Since it is different from an essay, students often find it a difficult project and this is why they are scared to work on this kind of academic paper.

To help them get their literature review and dissertation on time and without breaking any sweat, we offer high-quality and easy-to-pay custom dissertation writing services to busy students. Education expenses have skyrocketed in the last few years and this is why, to bear the expenses, most of the students have part-time jobs. For them, managing the job and studies is difficult.

Dissertation paper writing is difficult and you will need to invest substantial time and effort in it, which is difficult with a job. Such students look for additional help to assist and guide them to write their thesis on time and avoid late submission. Our dedicated and professional dissertation writers are available 24/7 so that you are not left without the needed help.

If you are also one of those students who are struggling to get their dissertation done then we are here to help you with it. Instead of diving into something that you have not done before, it is better that you work with a custom thesis writing service.

Reliable and reputed writing companies and dissertation services providers work with professional and experienced writers and offer you the needed help.

Top Quality Capstone and Dissertation Writing Services

Need help with your capstone project? We offer affordable and tailored project help to the students who are doing a course-based Master’s degree. This is different from a dissertation and a thesis and needs a different kind of research. A dissertation is a part of doctoral research and a thesis is a part of Master's level research work.

A capstone project is a part of a course-based Master’s degree. It includes research but it does not focus on presenting an answer to a research question. A capstone project is based on how well the student deals with the topic of his interest.

This does not mean that it does not require any research work but it means that a dissertation and thesis will be more profound in research than a capstone project.

Our writers specialize in capstone projects and custom dissertation writing and offer the best online research writing services. This includes coming up with a catchy and relevant thesis statement and thesis proposals to reflect your research.

We have dedicated and separate teams for both areas and rest assured that a professional writer will write your dissertation or project.

24/7 and Top Notch Custom Thesis Writing Service

If you are looking for thesis and dissertation help, then no one can help you better than professional writing help online. Professionals who are experts in their field of study know how to deal with different kinds of research projects and papers to help students.

They are experienced and know that students are always short on time and deadlines and need to manage a lot of other things.

We are one of such dissertation writing help providers that specialize in offering and providing unique, custom, and affordable writing help. We have a team of subject experts that are both experienced and professional enough to provide tailored and top-quality writing help.

Our dedicated writing and customer care teams work round the clock so that you do not need to wait for long. Rest assured, all the papers written by our writers are unique and written from scratch.

Place your order now to buy dissertation and thesis online written by experts.

Cheap Dissertation Writing Services

Professional dissertation writing services do not come cheap but they come at affordable rates. Many students make the mistake of working with extremely cheap writing service providers and risk their degree. Often, they end up with low quality and, possibly, plagiarized and copied content.

Dissertation and thesis is an important part of your degree and this is why risking it means that you are risking your entire degree. It is better to choose wisely and the one that offers reasonably priced dissertation and thesis writing help to avoid any such unlikely and disastrous situation. Such services work with professional writers only and offer the needed support and guidance.

Besides, they also offer specialized help for different subjects and help you submit a high-quality and A-worthy thesis or dissertation.

History Dissertation Writing Services

Stuck with your history dissertation? For most of the students, history is a dry and difficult subject. It is filled with facts and the student has to consider a lot of things when working on it. Since it is largely based on facts and figures, people often find it difficult to tackle and manage this subject.

To help such students, we have employed a team of dedicated and experienced history writers. These writers have specialized in their respective fields and are dedicated to helping you with your academic problems and issues.

These writers have graduated from reputed US colleges and universities and have the drive to help the students who are facing difficulties in their history papers.

They are present round the clock and you can get the required guidance anytime.

Law Dissertation Writing Services

Law is a different kind of subject and this is why the subject needs to be handled with care. Most of the students think that only because a company is providing writing services, they are experienced in writing on specialized topics. Many of those companies do have the right experience but quite many do not.

A law dissertation is an extensive piece of writing that the students work on to graduate from their law school. The dissertation deals with different viewpoints and the student has to do proper and in-depth research to find details about the chosen matter. Just like history, law and order is also based on facts and the student needs to be diligent when presenting them.

Our team of law writers consists of experienced and professional law writers that have specialized in their respective field and want to help you genuinely. These law writers know about the citation styles that are used in law and make sure that your dissertation is written properly and includes all the needed citations and information.

Medical Dissertation Writing Services

Writing a medical thesis is no joke. It is a highly specific field and when writing the thesis or dissertation, you will need to be extra careful. It is an important part of your medical degree and your sheer hard work of 2 to 5 years depends on it. This is why, writing a medical dissertation is hard and, often, students look for additional help.

Because this kind of dissertation and research work needs a high level of research and writing skill, writing companies often charge higher for it. This is why many students either try to work on their assignments on their own or try to find a cheap writing service.

In both cases, they have to face the risk of submitting a late dissertation or end up with a low-quality dissertation.

Our services are high in quality and you will not have to break your bank account for it. We offer 100% affordable ‘write my thesis’ services so that no one is left without the needed help.

MBA Dissertation Writing Services

Looking for affordable online dissertation writing help? We know that business degrees are hard and students often struggle with completing their dissertation. For them, finding an economical and custom writing service is hard. This is also because many of them end up with cheap and amateur writers and writing companies and suffer.

The business world is vast and there are endless possibilities for topics and subjects. However, choosing a topic and completing your entire dissertation on it are two entirely different things. Many times, students choose a difficult and rich topic for their dissertation and are not able to manage it properly.

The solution? Hand over your dissertation to us. We are a team of dedicated, professional, and reliable writing services providers that specialize in providing high-quality and custom business and MBA dissertation help. All of our writers are experienced professionals that know how to deal with this kind of dissertation.

What Makes our ‘Write my Thesis’ Services the Best?

Several factors make us the best dissertation writing services provider. Our team of experienced thesis and dissertation writers knows how important your dissertation and thesis is for you and works hard to help you get the needed help and work.

Below are some of the reasons that make us the best dissertation and thesis writing service.

  1. Native US writers
  2. Affordable rates
  3. 24/7 Customer Services
  4. 100% Customized Help
  5. Dedicated Writers and Teams for all Subjects
  6. On-Time Delivery
  7. 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  8. Zero Plagiarism and Free Plagiarism Report
  9. Free Revisions
  10. Free Title Page, Abstract, and References Pages

Besides, we also offer a number of other benefits.

Due to our dedication and professionalism, we get repeat customers that trust us with their papers, thesis, and dissertations. We make sure that we dispense high-quality and timely services that help you secure an A in your dissertation and move forward with a fulfilling career.

We know that students are often doubtful about working with an online thesis writing service and we do not blame them. The internet is filled with a number of online writing services that claim to be the best and reliable but rob the students. Usually, what the students get is low-quality work and low grades on their dissertation.

To help them, we have answered some common questions below.

Are Dissertation Writing Services Legal?

If you choose a reliable and legit writing service then yes it is completely legal to work with them. A legal thesis help works with professional and experienced writers only and makes sure that they help the students as much as possible. They have dedicated teams for different subjects and also have their work samples on their website.

Do Dissertation Writing Services Work?

Yes, working with a professional and responsible writing service helps you in a number of ways. They help you understand your dissertation topic better and help you prepare better for your exams. Thesis and dissertations are important for the successful completion of your degree and this is why it is important that you choose the service provider wisely. We offer custom and quality help to everyone and make sure that we work with you side by side to help you understand your topic properly.

Are the Thesis Writing Services Worth the Cost?

A legit and professional thesis writing service is totally worth the cost. Amateur writing companies have unreasonably high costs but professional writing help has reasonable prices. That is why it is better to contact a reliable thesis writing service online like

What Custom Thesis Writing Services Do You Offer?

We, at, offer the following custom thesis writing service.

All of our services are reasonably priced and you will not have to pay a lot to get a high-quality custom thesis. is a professional writing help that specializes in thesis and dissertation writing. We know that you need high-quality and reasonably priced work and we are all geared up to provide it.

Talk to our customer support or fill the order form to get your thesis or dissertation before the deadline.

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