Outstanding Dissertation Topics and Ideas for Students

dissertation topics

Getting a master’s or PhD degree can be fun for professional life but a daunting task for an academic one. When you start a postgraduate degree, you are told to submit a dissertation at the end of the course.

Dissertation writing is the most difficult and time-consuming task you have ever come across in your academic life. It is not something that you can do on the last day before the deadline. It takes a lot of time and effort and requires a ton of research on your selected topic.

To make the dissertation writing task a little easier, we have compiled a list of unique dissertation topic ideas for you.

Here is a list of the most influential thesis topics and dissertation ideas for students.

Best Dissertation Topics

When you are planning to write your dissertation, the first thing you need is a topic idea. You cannot write a good dissertation if you do not have a good topic in hand.

Topic selection is the most crucial task of the whole dissertation writing process. If you have chosen an effective topic, you can easily write an amazing dissertation. Therefore, to provide you with various ideas, we have compiled a list of up-to-date and unique dissertation topics.

Choose a topic from the list given below which is most relevant to your field of research. These topics are also helpful for college and high school students for research paper writing.

Dissertation Topics in Education

  • An academic literature review of modern language learning strategies
  • The on-campus educational system is more influential than the online education system.
  • How to create an inspirational environment in school?
  • Influence of bilingual education on child’s cognitive function
  • The influence of education leadership on today’s society.
  • Is holistic education a myth in today’s education system?
  • The role of homework in the learning of a student
  • Integration of slang into the literary canon
  • Physical education program to fight obesity
  • Impact of coronavirus on education systems

Dissertation Topics in Special Education

  • What approaches can be used to teach children with auditory processing disorder?
  • How effective is music therapy for autistic children?
  • How does karaoke help children with learning disorders?
  • Does peer support help disabled children to socialize in a classroom?
  • Developing self-determination in children with physical disabilities
  • Discuss the challenges of teaching special children
  • Family plays an important role in educating a special child
  • Speech-language therapists and their work in an inclusive environment
  • How can teachers contribute to controlling bullying among children?
  • Best learning practices for autistic children.

Law Dissertation Topics

  • World Bank Developmental Projects and Greater Accountability
  • The thin line between punishing a child and child abuse
  • Legal Issue of Child Labor in the Third World Countries
  • The Rise of Cyber Crimes and Punishments
  • Legislation of Refugees and their Immigration
  • Same-sex marriage legalization and benefits that come from it
  • The Legal Implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Canadian Immigration and the Way Forward.
  • Change in Custody Cases Resolution in The Last Decade
  • Prisoners’ right to vote: right or not?
  • Legislative Perspective on Male Survivors of Family Violence

Clinical Psychology Dissertation Topics

  • The multidimensional nature of a schizophrenic patient
  • How to handle a schizophrenic patient
  • Impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of various ages
  • Psychological effects of cyberbullying
  • How emotional support animal helps people with anxiety
  • Effects of animal therapy on PTSD patient
  • Correlation Between Neurotic Fear, Expectation, Disappointment, and Pain
  • The effects of parents divorce on a child’s development
  • Importance of communication for a good relationship
  • How eating disorders related to personality disorder

Social Work Dissertation Topics

  • How social workers help in bringing positive change in society
  • Recognizing child abuse in the classroom
  • Social Work regarding substance abuse among young adults
  • The role of social healthcare workers in the era of Covid-19
  • The need for social work for domestic violence in third world countries
  • An analysis of the lessons that can be learned from the ‘Baby P’ case about social work management
  • The role of social workers in the evolution of kids raised in a violent environment
  • Social Workers' Perspectives on Chronic Pain and Mental Health
  • Governmental Involvement in Social Work
  • How social workers helped in rescuing the earthquake victims

Dissertation Topics for Human Resources

  • Investigate the role of effective HR planning for the success of a company
  • The impact of motivation programs on employees performance
  • 15 effective ways to boost employees productivity
  • Can the HR department bring a positive change in the company’s environment?
  • How to improve the employee selection process?
  • The role of the HR department during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • What needs to be changed regarding HR outsourcing?
  • How the policies of HR affected due to the Covid-19 outbreak
  • The role of HR policies in the success of an organization
  • Does lack of learning and development play a role in human resource practices and employees’ decision to quit

Dissertation Topics for Graphic Design

  • Explore the factors that contribute to the digital art
  • Top 5 trends in graphic design in the last ten years
  • Investigate how the role of computer graphic designer developed over the years
  • The evolution of graphic designing in 21st century
  • A literature review of the basic graphic design
  • An evaluation of designing career path in graphic designing
  • Graphic design and mass communication
  • Graphic design and mass communication
  • The role of women in the world of graphic designing
  • Analysis of mockup design ideas and their projected budget

Dissertation Topics for Textile Design

  • The importance of fur in the history of the fashion industry
  • Fabric colors of different seasons
  • Floral prints and their history
  • The role of social media in the textile industry
  • Is formal wear becoming less prevalent in workplaces?
  • Influence of culture on the textile industry
  • The effect of Covid-19 on the textile industry
  • Eastern countries and the evolving fashion trends
  • Textile and apparel resting
  • Animal rights and textile industry.

Management Dissertation Topics

  • Can a mentor influence a career’s success?
  • Analyze the strategic knowledge management impact on manufacturing firm’s performance
  • Ways that political risks influence the emergency management
  • A review of knowledge management research
  • Business management vs. family-owned business management
  • An analysis of organizational change management: why employees resist change?
  • Outsourcing as a business practice
  • The impact of organizational goals on an organization behavior
  • How psychosocial hazards impact workplace risk management
  • Managing a business that employs the millennial and x generation

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • How social media marketing affects consumer behavior?
  • Print media marketing vs. social media marketing. Which one is better?
  • Effects of marketing for a small business setup
  • Identify the role of the internet is changing the behavior of consumers.
  • Does innovation affect customer retention?
  • How to build a smart and effective marketing strategy for an organization?
  • How does market segmentation affect sales channels?
  • The role of standardization in digital marketing
  • How social media helps in determining targeted audience
  • Inclusivity in advertising

Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • A comparative analysis of mutual and index funds
  • A comparative study of external audit and in-house audit
  • The role of microfinance in the growth of emerging economies
  • The influence of accounting education among company leaders
  • Do the organizations find emerging markets cheap to establish their business?
  • An analysis of tax legislation regarding the freelance market
  • Analyze the factors that impact the profitability of commercial banks
  • How income tax affects small businesses
  • Analyze the trends and role of microfinance in the UK banking sector
  • How does an effective audit strategy influence big corporation’s income

Finance Dissertation Topics

  • Analyze the factors that make London the biggest financial hub in the world.
  • What contributes to the rapid development in corporate finance
  • The pros and cons of population growth in the finance sector
  • How does the accounting software aid the business model of a company
  • The influence of internet banking on the finance sector
  • The importance of financial risk management for an organization
  • A critical analysis of risk management in the banking sector
  • A comparative study of financial innovation in Asia and Europe
  • The growth of microfinance in the USA banking sector
  • The impact of foreign direct investment on emerging economies

Leadership Dissertation Topics

  • An analysis of the impact of leadership style on job satisfaction and employee performance
  • Recruiting and retaining ‘digital leaders.
  • A critical analysis of ethical leadership failure ate Amazon.
  • Explore the links between organizational performance, innovation, and sustainability
  • How are leaders using AI to enhance organizational performance in the fashion and retail sectors?
  • The importance of a leader’s communication style during the time of a pandemic
  • A discourse analysis of the relationship between job satisfaction, leadership behavior, and organizational culture.
  • A close examination of the link between employee management and leadership
  • An exploratory study of leader’s character on employee’s acceptance of their leadership
  • Is transformational leadership always effective? A critical approach.

Business Dissertation Topics

  • The influence of gender equality on business management
  • Assess the conflict between introducing, implementing, and managing change in a multinational company.
  • Ten factors that contribute to business success
  • How the global marketing negotiations impact the cross border commerce
  • An exploratory study of how much government supports entrepreneurship.
  • The importance of customer relationship management tools in the present-day business
  • How business management works in the 21st century
  • The impact of globalization on leadership in business
  • A comparative analysis of top 10 environment-friendly real estate programs
  • An investigation of real estate price fluctuation based on one city

Dissertation Topics on Recruitment and Selection

  • What is the best time to recruit a new employee?
  • Ways to attract good employees
  • Discuss the best platforms for recruitment
  • What are the ways to improve employee retention?
  • How should small businesses recruit employees?
  • How to check the criminal backgrounds of employees?
  • Recruiting fresh graduates: Pros and Cons
  • The worst time to recruit a new employee
  • Assessing skills of an employee during an interview
  • Effective ways to recruit smart employees.

Criminal Justice Dissertation Topics

  • Sexual assault in workplaces and schools
  • The latest innovations in experimental criminology
  • What are the key principles in preventing crimes?
  • What are the pros and cons of the sex offender registry?
  • Discuss the parental abduction laws
  • Discuss the legal perspective of cybercrime
  • Discuss the reliability of eyewitness testimony
  • Discuss the efficacy of drug courts
  • Why are men more likely to get death penalties?
  • Countries with the best criminal justice systems.
  • Public Administration Dissertation Topics - H3
  • Discuss the importance of reformation
  • Discuss the development of the system of public administration
  • Administration management as a modern model
  • The government investment policies in the US
  • Discuss the administrational contracts and their agreements
  • Regional budgets and their role in governmental regulation
  • The interaction between legislative and executive power organs to create law
  • Discuss the interaction between local government and public administration in separate states
  • Discuss the administrational conflicts and ways to prevent them
  • Interactions between social institutions and power in the development of charity

Economics Dissertation Topics

  • Discuss the economic growth of developing economies
  • Discuss the relationship between development economics and migration
  • What are the impacts of natural disasters on development in emerging economies
  • How does population growth affect development economics?
  • Discuss the relationship between labor force, family planning, and income fluctuations
  • Immigrants and their impact on a country’s economy
  • How do small businesses contribute to a country’s economy?
  • Implications of big data for behavioral economics
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the world’s economy
  • How do online businesses contribute to a country’s economy?

Midwifery Dissertation Topics

  • Associated risks of planned cesarean birth in the US
  • Theoretical knowledge of midwives in a stressful situation
  • Midwifery as a profession: Pros and cons
  • The state of midwifery in underdeveloped countries
  • What are the risks of “at-home” abortions?
  • Are all women comfortable in front of male midwives?
  • Discuss the relation between nursing and midwifery
  • Males in the profession of midwifery
  • Postpartum knowledge among midwives in the US
  • Analyze the profession of midwifery for women.

Fashion Dissertation Topics

  • Analysis of the role of women in the fashion trends of 21st century
  • Economic factors shape the fashion trends
  • The trend of ethnic clothing in the US
  • Western culture influence the fashion trends of developing countries
  • The impact of fashion bloggers in transforming fashion trends
  • Evolution of English wedding dresses
  • Transformation of fashion in the last 2 decades
  • How has Instagram played its role in the evolution of fashion?
  • Developing a business in the fashion industry: Pros and Cons
  • Modern-day issues in fashion marketing.

History Dissertation Topics

  • The rise of new white nationalism in America during the 21st century
  • An investigation of British culture perspective of the Spanish civil war
  • Analyze the role of nurses during the Spanish civil war
  • Economic and political reasons for Britain’s participation in WWI
  • Analyze the role of female workers during the industrial revolution
  • Explore the development of computer programing in modern archeology
  • Political, social, and economic causes of the Great Depression
  • Five major factors that influence the institutional racism towards Muslim Americans
  • Examine and investigate the history of cinema in Britain.
  • Explore the history and politics of Bollywood.

Dissertation Topics in Healthcare

  • Diagnosing and treating mentally ill people with communication therapy.
  • What effective strategies can be implemented to prevent nurse’s burnouts.
  • How to treat patients with PTSD?
  • Explore the relationship between a patient’s stress level and nursing help.
  • Easy way to provide a necessary environment for older people at the hospital
  • Explore the methods to treat injuries in diabetic patients
  • Addressing the mental health concerns of the Syrian refugees in the UK.
  • How Covid-19 affected the mental well-being of the industry workers in China
  • Explore the relationship between mental health and unemployment.
  • The impact of breakups on the mental health of women or men

Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • Make an optimal plan for PTSD patients.
  • Analyze clinical decision support system for hospitalized patients with diabetes.
  • A literature review of the role of patients towards kids with heart disease
  • How to take of children with complicated health needs
  • Obesity awareness and prevention techniques to deal with obesity problems
  • Analyze the strategic management policies of the World Health Organization.
  • Integrating technology, process, and the people in lean healthcare.
  • What is the role of leadership and ethics in evidence-based nursing practices?
  • Different techniques and knowledge used to manage the clinical practices
  • Investigate the impact of occupational safety and health on nurses’ job performance.

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