How to Create an Outstanding Annotated Bibliography for a Research Paper?

Annotated Bibliographies. I bet that you haven’t heard of these before. Especially if you are a student who is new to writing.

You have probably just heard how confusing they can be. Or how you should just hire a write my essay service to write you one. Let me tell you this, hiring an essay writer is not a bad option, especially if you need help.

But, if you are determined to do things on your own then I can be of service to you.

How? That’s simple. Here are a few good tips that will help you to create the perfect annotated bibliography for any paper that you wish to write. Just keep these in mind and you should do well on your own or you ask others to write my paper.

Here they are…

Tip #1: Learn to Skim Read

This is a most useful skill for work that is as lengthy and arduous as creating a bibliography.

If you truly want a great bibliography then you will have to do a lot of research. This means that you will need to go through so many sources that are too many to count.

So, you need to develop the ability to skim a text quickly so that you don’t waste your time.

Tip #2: Know Thy Sources

This means that you need to know which sources are legit and which are fake. You can only use legit sources in a bibliography so you need to be careful.

Try Google Scholar for articles and academic papers.

If you search on Google, then use news websites, government websites, or websites of known organizations like Amnesty International.

Do not ever pick your information from blogs. Ever!

Tip #3: Evaluate Its Usefulness

Just because a source is legit and authentic does not mean that it will be useful to you.

It's possible that it won’t have the information that you need.

So, when you open a source, you need to check if it has the information you need.

Basically, think about how you can use this source in your paper. If it does fit with your paper, then include it.

Tip #4: Learn the Citation Styles

Annotated bibliographies are written with a specific citation style. If your professor has told you to write one then they have probably also mentioned that the bibliography needs to be in APA or MLA style.

APA, MLA, and many others are what we call citation styles.

They are specific ways to write a bibliography. So, you will have to study the style you have been assigned.

Tip #5: Know What to Write

Once you have your sources, you need to know what to include in the summary of the source.

Most people tend to write a summary of the source which is the right course of action.

However, if you are citing a study then you will have to mention things like what methods were used and how the data was analyzed.

Make sure you cover all the important points.

Tip #6: Be Precise

Just because you are summarizing a source does not mean that you get to be vague. This will not help you in the long run.

You need to include the points that you think are important in your summary so that when you look back, you will know exactly why you chose this source.

This will make using these sources so much easier in your paper.

Here we have it…

This is how you write your annotated bibliographies.

But, I would understand if you still have many questions about them. If you are facing confusion then go find an essay writing service online to help you out. You will find that they have the best writers who can give you pointers on what to write.

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