Argumentative essay examples in Harvard Format to Grab readers' attention

Argumentative essays are one of the most essential essay forms of them all. You have to use all the traditional structuring rules while maintaining the elements of the argument. You must take a topic, inspect it properly, and then make some claims based on what you think is the better side. You must give some value to the opposing views as it would allow you to conceive your own argument with efficiency. Here are a couple of examples for your consideration or you can ask others to write my paper.

Deterrence Effect of Capital Punishment

It has existed for ages but now the effects are being highly questioned. Capital punishment has long been used as a means of bringing justice to those who have been victims of heinous crimes while also establishing fear in the minds of culprits. However, the effects have been questioned to the point where people might think that it could possibly aggravate situations. Capital punishment is a great way to induce fear in the minds of those who may try to pursue wrongdoings while at the same time being the best source of justice for the ones fallen.

Capital punishment has been executed in different ways and while many of these have been brutal and inhumane. Lately, it has gotten rather mild and acceptable. Hanging is one of the most widely used ones. Add further details about Capital Punishment and the history related to it. The explanation of evolution is highly important.

One of the major reasons for continuing the death sentence is because it fully compensates those who have been affected. It is like taking a life for a life. If the court finds the severity of crime worthy to be punished this strongly, then it should be done. Not only will it allow others to see it as an example of what might be done to them in the future but also bring some form of relaxation to the loved ones of the victim? (Add details regarding the effect of punishment on people and how it could be used as a deterrent. Argumentative essay examples can be further built on to reach the right level. If you have any confusion, by all means, consult a specialist essay writer).

Another school of thought characterizes the death sentence as a means of increasing crime in a society. People tend to get furious when their partners are given such a level of punishment and thus their habits are strengthened even further. [Establish the opposing viewpoint and try to show that it might not be the optimal one through proper examples and research. Multiple opposing points of view can be inserted with the purpose of giving the audience a thorough look at things.]

Even though there might be much opposition, however, capital punishment remains a means of producing the desired effect in the light of justice. [Conclude with the essential remarks and leave by giving some food for thought to the people so that they might do some research of their own.]

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Effect of Video Games on People

Video games have been used as a means of entertainment for around 3 decades. Although it might seem harmless, people, especially parents tend to see it as a distracting agent. It might seem just a waste of time and money but there is more to it than meets the eye. Video games are great learning and cognition-improving tools while serving the main purpose of producing an entertaining effect for the individuals.

The video game market boomed with the arcades showing up everywhere and took the world by storm when home consoles were introduced. People interested in all genres can get their hands on some useful material that they want to play. [Add more historical evidence related to video games and how it evolved into the phenomenon today. Also, provide a deep understanding of why video games are played and why people consider it to be a great hobby]

Huge benefits are attached to playing video games beyond entertainment. Reflexes and cognition are improved as games have multiple signals being produced all at once and need to be properly managed in order to succeed. Also, memorizing things and solving in-game hurdles also help with memory and thinking capabilities. [Add beneficial remarks regarding video games. What more you can add that could tip the balance in the favour of video games. Why might it be good for people of all ages?]

People may consider it to be a way of distraction especially for students to run away from studies and other scheduled activities. It may also be a reason for violence in many and result in negative habits being pursued. [Add all the details that the opposition might produce and try to defend through great examples and explanations for each. You have to make your side seem the most convincing and there is much to choose from.]

Video games have evolved to a level that it has become a billion-dollar industry. Even though made with the purpose of entertainment many of the aspects are also present that are hidden yet beneficial at the same time. [Again, conclude with relevant details from what you have just explained above. Leave on a high note and make sure that everything ends coherently.]

So, the above examples would give you some glimpses into what might be expected of you in the next argumentative essay assignment. Make sure to research all the bits and pieces and then put them on paper to reach the absolute pinnacle. Lastly, you can always consult a paper writing service to complete this task for you.