Best Way to Conclude a Narrative Essay – Guide

If given the choice to write any type of essay, students would jump to choose a narrative essay. It is one of the most popular essay types among students and is considered one of the easiest. Back in high school and college, I liked narrative essay assignments because they did not need any research. One just needs to recollect his/her memories and write the essay.

Today with the advancement of technology, research has become so much easier. With access to digital libraries and the internet, one can easily research data for an essay from the comfort of their bedroom from their smartphones or personal computers. However, students still prefer narrative essays over other types of essays. Undoubtedly, a narrative essay is interesting and fun to write but getting good grades in a narrative essay assignment is quite difficult.

This is because students do not know how to start and how to end their narrative essays. Most of the students do not even know the storyline elements that they need to cover in their narrative essays. Good storytellers would cover these points without knowing their names. But if you are not a good storyteller, you may want to consider placing an order with an essay writing company that offers ‘ write my essay’ services.

I know that instead of getting your essay from a company that offers ‘ write my paper’ services, you should have written it by yourself. But you do not want to risk your grades. You can use the professionally written narrative essay as a sample to write your own narrative essay.

If you are looking for ways to write the conclusion of a narrative essay, I suppose, you have already written the introduction and body section of the essay. Well, do not fret! You have done the major part of the essay, hoping that you have done a good job. Now, let’s help you create an effective conclusion.

Wrapping up a narrative essay is surely a cumbersome task but it is not much difficult. Here is how to write a meaningful conclusion:

  • Start off by restating the thesis statement. Keep in mind that you are not supposed to use the exact same words. You should write it differently, making sure that it gives the same meaning.
  • Summarize all the main points discussed in the body paragraphs. This would mean you summarize the whole plot in three to five lines.
  • You can also reflect on the whole story. For this, an essay writer needs to take a deep dive into the story and give it a thorough consideration. You would have to talk about your feelings about the whole narrative.
  • You can also fast forward and give your story an update. For example, if you have written an essay about the first day at your school you can give them an update about how you are doing in the present.
  • You can also give hope to your readers. For example, if your first day at school was not a good day and you had to experience bullying or bad stuff like that, you can give readers hope to the readers by saying that on the last day of that grade or school, bullies had learned from their mistakes and were now your friends. Or you have gotten stronger and now no one can bully you.
  • You can talk about the lessons learned from the story. This is known as the moral of the story.

You can choose any way to conclude your essay. The way you choose to conclude your essay should reflect what you want your readers to take away from your essay.

In a nutshell, your conclusion should paint a quick picture of the whole narrative that you discussed in the body paragraphs. This should remind the readers about the main idea of the essay. If you are still confused, hire a professional essay writing service to complete this task for you.