Citations are MUST in a Research Study - A Definitive Guide

Citations refer to the shortened detail of a researcher that is used to back the statement with the name of the original writer. It is also called attribution that is required to ensure that your work meets all the academic standards and there is no plagiarism. Different pieces of academic writing require different Citation styles and it is one of the reasons students actually hate adding citations. I used to feel the same, and it is one of the reasons that always asked others to write my essay, as I knew that I won’t be able to mess up with the citation, their form, and all. With the passage of time, I came to know that there is no way out to get excellent marks in the writing without adding citations because it is the part of formatting that we do in the essay.

There are a lot of things in life that require blind compulsion and the same applies to add citations, it is not possible to write a good essay without citation and I am going to share some points that can help you why citations are a must in the research study or you can ask others to write my paper.

Academic demand

Adding citations is one of the academic demands that are important to be fulfilled because when a student will fail to add proper citations then he might not be able to get good grades and it is one of the strongest justifications Citation usually includes the name of the author and the year of publication. With some exceptions, you might see some differences such as including page number or the name of other authors. These exceptions occur with the style that you have selected to add to your work.


Usually, citations are given due significance because it is more like an approach of authenticity. When it comes to writing a research essay, it is more like a compulsion to add citations because it is the only way you can fulfill the actual requirements of the essay. There are a number of instances when you try to write something and you are actually fearful about the evaluation because you are not sure if the written points are correct or not. This will not be the case if you will use citations because it will help to add authenticity and your professor will believe the text that you have added.

Making the body of the essay

Citations are a must in a research study because it makes up the actual body of the text. It is observed that when writing a research study the idea or topic is evaluated which is not evaluated prior to your study. If you will not add citations, the evaluator might not be able to know from where you have gathered the data and what are the gaps in the study that has made you write on this topic.

The credibility of being a scholarly researcher

When you cite resources in your study, your teachers are sure that being a good and scholarly researcher you have evaluated the writings of other researchers and all your claims are based on the understanding of some scholarly information. It will also add to your knowledge to ensure that you are going on the right path and all the required and relevant ideas are quoted.

Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the most significant concerns in academic writing and research studies. It is compulsory for an essay writer to ensure that there is no plagiarism in the work. Now you might be thinking that if we will evaluate the works done by other researchers then there are staunch changes of plagiarism. Yes, you are right, and it is why citations are important. When you add citations to your work, it is more like proof that you have cited the original source of the consent. In a number of research studies, you add direct quotes, and adding citations help you to be saved from different penalties that are particularly designed for plagiarism in academic work.

Making a follow-up

As research studies are of critical importance, citing resources helps your evaluator to come up with a solid and significant response to your research. The evaluator can follow all the resources to track your ideas and it is one of the significant ways because which academic research is still continued. If you will not add citations your evaluator might not be able to follow the resources and it can create serious issues not only in academic credibility but will become one of the major causes of failure.

Evaluating all the above points, it is obvious that citations are important to be added not only because it adds to the grading rubric but it is a must to be sure that you have done some credited work. If you think that you cannot add citations on your own in your work, you can download different citation generators that will not only add citations as per format but it takes a lot of time. So, it is never ever the right decision to ignore citations just because it takes a lot of time or it is hard to follow. While adding citations it is important to ensure that your work has the right citations and you have attributed the author to the written work. If you will fail to maintain accuracy then you might lose grades because it will not only be counted as plagiarism but it can turn out to be another grave concern. Lastly, you can always consult a paper writing service to complete this task for you.