How to Add Footnotes in Chicago Style?

Referencing is the most important element in academic-related or research-based works. While writing, if you want to use historic data or use an author's work to give your argument strength or support, you can easily do that but with a reference. That is you have to mention the article and name of the original author from where you took that material. This helps an essay writer to save himself from being counted as plagiarized work when checked on plagiarism or similarity checker. Several sourcing styles are available for referencing work such as APA style, Harvard style, AMA style, etc. Every sourcing style uses specific rules and guidelines. These rules differentiate these styles from one another. One such sourcing style is the Chicago style also sometimes known as the Turabian style.

Most of the sourcing styles use in-text citations to cite material and then a bibliography or work cited section at the end of the work. But Chicago’s sourcing style uses footnotes instead of in-text citations. Footnotes is a section at the bottom of every page where references are cited. Moreover, footnotes can also be used to add interesting comments to your statement which you cannot add to your writing because it is not directly linked or related to your main topic. Students barely face issues while writing essays as compared to the difficulties they face while adding footnotes to the work. Footnotes can very easily be added in Microsoft Word. Moreover, a sourcing software named Zotero can also be installed for easily adding footnotes to your work.

Adding footnotes with Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has made adding footnotes easier and simpler by automating most of the footnotes process. Given below are the steps you need to follow to easily add footnotes to your work or you can ask others to write my paper.

  1. Place the cursor at the point in the paragraph where you want to add a footnote. After that click on the tab ‘references’ in the ribbon toolbar of Microsoft Word. Then click ‘Insert Footnote’ on the left side of the bar.
  2. This click will directly take you to the bottom of the page with the footnote number. You will also see the same number in the paragraph where you wanted to add a footnote. Remember that the footnote number in a paragraph should be superscript while the footnote number at the end of the page should be a simple number. If it is in superscript you can change it by going to the Home menu, select ‘font tab’ and remove the superscript.
  3. Now paste your reference at the bottom of the page after the footnote number, and format your reference according to Chicago style. That is, make sure that the ‘last name’ of the author is after the ‘first name’. Moreover, put parentheses around the name of the publisher.
  4. Select all the text in the footnote and give it a font size of 12.
  5. Similarly, follow the same procedure for adding other footnotes. This time Word will automatically change footnote numbers according to the order.

Microsoft Word provides you with the easiest way of adding footnotes. However, footnotes can also be added using sourcing software like Zotero. Some students ask others to write my essay because they face issues in adding footnotes to their work. But with these simple and easy guidelines, they will probably not ask others to write their essays for them, as these guidelines help all to write their complete essays without taking help or asking others to do it for them. Moreover, the same procedure can be followed to add footnotes in any other sourcing styles. Just you need to format the reference according to that specific style, the rest of the procedure for adding footnotes is the same as the one mentioned above. If you are still confused, hire a professional essay writing service to complete this task for you.