Topics and Ideas for Persuasive Speech Writing - Guide

The art of persuasion is very important. I am sure you were able to convince your friends to give you a treat. You can certainly use it more comprehensively and in academics to get the desired grades.

The aim of persuasion is to get your viewpoint through to the readers. Persuasive speech is used for such purposes and must be strategically managed. Not just the script but also the delivery is equally as important. So if you are handed the task to write such a speech, here are some topics you can write about or you can ask others to write my paper.

Speech Topics

  • Can graffiti be given the title of art?
  • Are video games beneficial for players?
  • Good parenting is mandatory for a child's well-being
  • Social media use should be restricted
  • Essentials of monitored internet use in young people
  • The excessive intervention of technology in education could be dangerous
  • Bullying should be considered a punishable crime
  • College athletes should be compensated well
  • The difference between the levels of education is too much
  • The legal status of prostitution
  • The death penalty should not be abolished
  • Should non-citizens be allowed to vote?
  • Should immigration be curtailed?
  • The legal drinking age should be raised
  • Marijuana for medical purposes should be allowed
  • Public education institutes should be free
  • Plastic bags should be banned completely in stores
  • A diverse workforce is essential in the modern world
  • Breaks between classes should be increased
  • Excessive use of technology has isolated people
  • Technology dependency has negative consequences
  • The Healthcare system should be more accessible.
  • Animal testing should only be used for severe cases when involving medical needs
  • Cloning is ethically wrong
  • Underage smoking should be punishable
  • Role of parents in education
  • Benefits of peer pressure
  • Importance of updating the education system
  • Importance of social learning in educational institutes

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Now you must have an idea of how to proceed with the speech. I had trouble with it myself but luckily found someone to write my essay online. You must know certain rules that allow you to write the perfect speech. You must create a proper scene so that the reader can visualize it.

Speech Writing Tactics

  • Start off with establishing a scenario or any other way to get the attention of the audience.
  • Build on the topic and establish why there is a need to change the prevailing view regarding the subject and what you are trying to achieve once people have heard the speech. An essay writing service can provide a specialist for this purpose. You can get the desired help from them to write an effective speech or get one written.
  • Such speeches can be written by using the principles of cause and effect as well as problem and solution. This is because you are trying all the various strategies to convince the audience.
  • You must try to use rhetorical devices as well. It would allow people to get emotionally attached to your words. You can use examples from everyday life to allow people to see eye to eye with what you have written.
  • Visualization is key. Do not just say something; show the people what you are trying to establish. That way they would be able to see how your viewpoint would be beneficial for them and the other people around them in the future.

Once you have all the desired elements in place, you are bound to get great outcomes and be successful. The key is proper preparation. Moreover, delivery strategies should be developed and followed properly.