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We are the world's leading team of U.S.-based advanced academic consultants, researchers, writers, and editors.

Our backgrounds include high level professional, technical, creative and academic subject matter areas. Our staff members hold MA, MS, MSN, MBA, and PhD degrees from the most elite colleges and universities in the U.S. (Stanford, Harvard, Northwestern, Penn, Brown, UCLA, Williams, Duke, Cornell...the list goes on!)

Many of our team members are published in academic journals, in popular print media, and across the spectrum of global online channels.

We are uniquely qualified to provide our clients with personalized and customized thesis and dissertation consultation and writing services that guarantee the highest levels of academic success.

Unlike 99% of online academic services, each of our Consultant-Writers is a U.S.-based native English writer/speaker. Their advanced degrees were earned at traditional, brick-and-mortar universities, not through online diploma-mills. Our team is not located off-shore, and works on U.S. Time Zone schedules.

When your carefully-chosen GradSchoolGenius Consultant-Writer works with you, they do so with only one objective: your advanced academic achievement.



GradSchoolGenius academic experts have helped thousands of graduate-level students through the most rigorous writing challenges, from initial proposal through final draft and committee review through dissertation defense.


collaborative consultation

What sets GradSchoolGenius apart is our in-depth process of "collaborative consultation," guided by your academic objectives and the expectations of your Dissertation Committee or Advisory Panel.



We provide you with the best customer support service for your ease and convenience. You can contact our support team anytime via email or live chat without any extra charges.
They will help you in keeping track of your order to ensure the delivery of the finest level of research and writing, within your deadline.

How does it work?

Calculate your price and give us your project details.

We respond IMMEDIATELY and confirm your details/deadlines/price.

Upon order confirmation, we will find the best-suited consultant-writer for your project.

Payments are made at project milestones, so you're always aware of your project's progress.

Your GradSchoolGenius Consultant-Writer will provide a fullrange of primary and/or secondary data analysis and has deep access to institutional and governmental databases to support the research and writing.

When we deliver your thesis or dissertation, you'll be fully informed of our process and findings. You will be completely prepared to discuss and defend the research, writing, and conclusions at any level of academic review.

Our systems, methods, and the work product we will deliver to you are focused strictly upon

  • Master's level research & writing
  • 100% original, plagiarism-free, 100% confidential
  • APA, MLA, CMS, Harvard styles
  • Adherence to your University's requirements
  • Focused on your method (qualitative, quantitative, mixed)
  • Data collection plans and tools
  • Literature Review
  • Data analysis
  • Discussion section writing & citations
  • Thesis defense preparation
  • Editing, Proofing, Formatting, Presentation
  • Complete consultation and research planning
  • Topic research and selection
  • Research, data collection
  • Complete writing/editing:
    • Proposal
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Literature Review
    • Findings
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Recommendations
  • In-text citations
  • Hypotheses focus, research question concepts & execution
  • Formatting as per APA, MLA, CMS, Harvard style requirements
  • Data analysis as per methodology
  • Complete defense planning, preparation, execution with supporting visuals (PowerPoint)
Student-Client Testimonials
Here's what our recent clients have to say:
GradSchoolGenius Advantages
  • 100 % native English-speaking U.S. academic writing team
  • The experienced and Professional customer support team
  • FAST turnarounds
  • Customized project-specific price
  • Milestone work-in-progress payments put you in CONTROL
  • GUARANTEED pricing
  • 100% confidentiality
  • 24/7 phone/text response & support
  • Unparalleled satisfaction GUARANTEE. You don't pay if you don't approve the work
  • Subject matter expertise: Liberal Arts to Health Sciences
  • International reach, serving students worldwide

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