How Do You Write a Thesis Outline?

At GradSchoolGenius, our writers carry out research about the thesis topic and then create its outline. Finally, they make sure to add all the evidence and persuasive points in it that support the thesis statement.

Our writers know the process of crafting the best thesis outline. They follow a stepwise procedure from the literature review to the conclusion points of the thesis. This way, they write your thesis quickly.

Let's have a look at those points:

  • Start with the hypothesis.

  • They start with the topic and start researching on the topic. Writers then develop a hypothesis and state that in their outline.

  • Collect all the claims

  • Now is the step when writers collect all the claims and evidence that support the thesis statement. They make sure all the points are written in the outline.

  • Draft the outline

  • Now is the point when professional writers have to draft the outline. The outline of a thesis includes the following parts:

    • Introduction
    • Hypothesis
    • Methods
    • Findings
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Bibliography

    The main points to consider while making an outline are the introduction, conclusion, and body section.

    The body section of the thesis is the findings section.

    • Introduction

    • This part includes the research problem and its background information. It also includes a strong thesis statement.

    • Body section (findings)

    • The thesis body section is all about your findings. What do you find against the specific problem, and what is your finding regarding the problem.

    • Conclusion

    • It is the most important part of a thesis. Make sure it is strong and well written. All your evidence must coincide at the same point while presenting the conclusion of a thesis.

Are Thesis Writing Websites Legit?

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