48 Controversial Debate Topics for College Students

The world today is a complicated domain. There are no defined boundaries for right and wrong. Instead, everything falls around the grey area, with everyone having their understanding and approach to things. As a result, there is a rise in controversial ideas across the world, with everyone having their own interpretations.

Students are often challenged to contest and contemplate upon the controversial topic. These topics are mostly extracted from contemporary social, political, and economic issues. Writing on controversial debate topics is not easy. It demands a critical understanding and interpretation of the topic at hand. Choosing a strong controversial debate topic allows students to demonstrate their detailed understanding and ability to evaluate issues around them critically.

Following are some of the most popular controversial topics split into three major categories for college students to choose for their debates. But before that, there is some necessary step to follow before choosing your topics.

The first and foremost thing before choosing a topic is finding your interest. Students are often confused as to write my paper, especially when they lack a clear direction. Seek advice from your teacher or parents. Skim through news articles or recent trends on social media. This will give you an idea as to what the current hot topics are and which controversy do you want to discuss.

Category 1: Social Issues

Finding a controversial topic for your debate from this category is a piece of cake. We live in the age of globalization, where all cultures and religions intersect each other at multiple platforms. As a result, the clash in customs, ideologies, and social attitudes give rise to infinite controversies which can be easily debated upon. Some controversial social topics can include:

  1. Should abortions be declared Legal?
  2. Is Peer-Pressure Productive for Individuals
  3. Should A State legalize Gay Marriages?
  4. Should Gays be Allowed to Adopt Children?
  5. Is Test-Tube Baby Technique Ethical?
  6. Should Gender Dysmorphia Be Considered as a Mental Disorder?
  7. Do Individuals have the right to determine their Gender?
  8. Can a State Legalize Prostitution?
  9. Can women equate men in all social domains?
  10. Is Radical Feminism the right approach to demand equality?
  11. Has religion divided or united the human race?
  12. Is AI a potential threat to humankind?
  13. Modernization is leading us towards moral corruption. Is this true?
  14. Today’s world is more of a Dystopia than Utopia. Do you agree?
  15. Is Cosmetic Surgery Making people more conscious of their natural looks?
  16. The Internet is making individuals more depressed and Alienated. Do you agree?

Category 2: Political Issues

Finding a controversial topic in this domain is easy. However, writing on a political topic is not. Politics is a complicated domain that is deeply rooted in history, culture, and dominant psychologies of people of a certain region. Taking help from an essay writer is preferred in this case. A professional writer not only has a better understanding but he or she can help comprehensively organize your scattered thoughts.

  1. Is the Death penalty for Criminals an inhumane act?
  2. One State Terrorist is another State freedom fighter
  3. Should A State Control Censorship?
  4. Is Brexit a favorable step for the United Kingdom?
  5. Should there be lenient laws for gun licensing?
  6. Is America going to withdraw from the Middle East?
  7. Should America lift its restrictions from North Korea and Iran?
  8. Is the world a democratic place?
  9. Dictatorship keeps society more disciplined than Democracy. Is that so?
  10. Should illegal immigrants be penalized as criminals?
  11. Racial discrimination is still a raging issue in today’s world.
  12. Are Nationalists patriots or radicals?
  13. Privatization of National assets is a horrible mistake.
  14. Religious Institutes must also be eligible for taxes.
  15. Freedom of Speech is a cover for Insulting statements.
  16. The legal age for Voters Should be 16.

Category 3: Economic Issues

Several controversial topics can also be drawn from the economic issues of today’s world.

  1. Capitalism is feeding off of laborer’s hard work.
  2. Capitalism is a curse to this world.
  3. Capitalism is a modified form of colonialism.
  4. Capitalism is the cause of unequal income distribution across the world.
  5. Economic inequalities are precursors for Crime and Violence
  6. Brands Advertising promotes Body dysmorphia
  7. Economic differences perpetuate bullying in schools
  8. Capitalism takes economic security from employees
  9. Uber drivers should be considered as employees instead of independent contractors
  10. Free-Markets are a social death penalty
  11. The state should provide minimized taxes for Married Couples
  12. Transgenders lack significant representation in the Economic sphere
  13. Many Entrepreneurs do not follow the State’s Wage per Hour laws
  14. BLM movement has the potential to challenge economic inequalities
  15. Privatization of Educational Institutes is putting Students in Debt.
  16. Free Basic Healthcare is the right of every Citizen.

And Voila! Now you have a wide range of topics to choose from. Find the topic which interests you the most and start writing your debate. Lastly, you can try a paper writing service online and let their professional writers complete this task for you in no time. Just specify your requirements and ask them to write my essay at affordable rates.