Make a Personal Narrative Essay by Following these Simple Hacks

Writing a personal narrative can be a very joyful task for you. Because this type of essay will give you an opportunity to explore your life and share important events from your life experiences. After all, how you are going to tell your story to put an impression. This matters a lot.

It means that writing a personal narrative may be an enjoyable task but you always need to ensure perfection. Otherwise, you may face difficulties in getting high grades. Hence, you should make every possible effort to write your essay professionally and perfectly.

Make efforts because writing a narrative essay is more than summarizing different things and writing them down. Because it presents your life experiences and enables the reader to draw their own conclusions. In short, a narrative essay is the one that guides the reader. So, we have to make it accordingly or you can ask others to write my paper.

Hacks to Make Personal Narrative Essays

1. Clarity

Clarity is considered the soul of the narrative essay. Professional writers state that no narrative essay can be exceptional if it does not contain clarity. Some students try to use and even use complex and intricate words. They think that they are putting an impression. But they are not doing right. Using complex words and phrases even destroys the quality of a narrative essay. Hence, syntax and complex words and phrases must be avoided when you write your narrative essay.

To make a narrative essay perfectly, try to clearly distribute ideas between paragraphs and even sentences. For example, clearly state the event in your life generally and then proceed to state each key point about the event. Simply, describe your experience in general and then describe major happenings such as what you have learned from the event. If you are still confused, consult a paper writing service now.

2. Think about the event

Your narrative essay will focus on the event which you are going to share with the reader. The event may be the one that lasted a day ago or have happened years ago. But you always have to provide all the details. The topic of personal narrative can reflect on your personality and can reveal an event that has huge importance to you. This means that the event has made a difference in your life. Think of the event because your story must have a clear point. And this can be possible only if you deeply think of the event.

Try your best to remember the most crucial experiences in/about the event. You can try the following examples if nothing is coming to your mind.

  • An experience that has challenged as well as changed your personality.
  • Something amazing that happened to you or your family
  • A lesson you have learned hardly.

3. Plan your personal narrative

Some students think about the event and start writing the essay at the same time. But this is not the way to achieve perfection. First of all, make sure you start your personal narrative essay with a brainstorming process. Here, take some time to recall the event and what has happened during the event. But it should never be a drama but an interesting story.

It means that the event can be anything that has played a key role in any aspect of your life. Suppose you think that you do not have a major event in your life. Then you can recall one by looking at the following examples.

  • The time you have cried due to a happening
  • The time when you felt apologized for what you have done
  • Painful memories and scariest moments of your life
  • The time(s) when you were shocked

But if you think that many events happened to you in your life. Then it is better to create a list of all events and pick the most significant one from the list. But make sure you decide that your topic has a clear point. And keep the point in mind when starting to write, even while writing.

4. Do not simply tell but Show

A personal narrative is not about telling someone about your life and experiences. You can tell it is a seminar but it is your essay. You have to show your reader. The first thing you must ensure is using a first-person viewpoint all over the essay. You may indeed be a storyteller but you should convey your experience in the most efficient way. A professional essay writer suggests making your experience what has been experienced by you. Instead of reading what you have experienced.

Write it in a way where you imagine that you relive your event as well as the experience you had in the event. Make sure you write/compose the following things on the paper when describing the event.

  1. What you have seen
  2. What you have smelled
  3. What you have felt and still feel about the event

5. Include every component

A good narrative essay is one that consists of all components. First, write your essay in a chronological manner. Better if you prepare an outline before you start writing the essay. Because the outline would keep your essay on track.

In short, make sure you include the following elements in your personal narrative essay. Otherwise outstanding grades might not be expected.

  1. Character: People involved in the event especially the most important character (people).
  2. Tense: Write based on the time when the event has happened. I.e. write in past tense because even would have happened in the past.
  3. Voice, conflict, and descriptive language
  4. The main point of the essay based on the event.

Lastly, you can always get help from a write my essay service to complete this task for you.