Know more about the Rogerian argument before your next essay assignment - Guide

“I like this smartphone as it has a better processor.” “No way this one is much better as there is so much memory to work with.” Well, what we have here are two people arguing about which smartphone is the better one to purchase based upon the specs. You might have come across multiple instances where you would be trying to get your point through to others in an attempt to convince them.

Argumentative essay writing is no different as you support a particular side and then defend it. One such type involves establishing the viewpoint regarding a particular subject and approaching both sides objectively to come to a conclusion with as little bias as possible. Such an argument is known as Rogerian and here is more about it for you or you can ask others to write my paper.

More about Rogerian

  • Normally in argumentation, people would be on either side of the spectrum. One person would be supporting a certain possibility while the other would be in favor of the other. Rogerian is different from this as it promotes developing an environment of cooperation instead of opposition.
  • Ideally in an argument, you would spend the bulk of your research examining your own viewpoint and establishing its strengths while only giving a small portion to the opposite mindset. Rogerian style is totally different in the sense that there is an element of balance involved. Showing superiority is the last thing wanted and cooperation must be promoted within the two parties.
  • When approaching the argumentative essay while using the Rogerian type as the main one, the following sections are established.
    • An introduction would be the initial one. Instead of presenting the argument as an issue, the idea would be to present it in a way that would help in solving the problem together. There should be an element of goodwill involved and thus wordings should be chosen with proper care and consideration.
    • Show the view of the opposing side. This should be presented in a way that would create an environment of understanding. You would establish the viewpoint and then show the other side that you understand it fully without any ambiguity involved.
    • Develop context for the opposing side so that you may be able to perceive it fully in light of the topic. The main points should be understood and developed in a way that no major aspect is left behind. There are many ‘types of arguments’ and can be presented in certain ways. If you want to know more about it, an expert essay writer can help you out. The best option can be selected and then implemented.
    • Once you have given enough time and place to the opposing argument, you would be putting forth what you think is the right side. Examine it clearly and without any bias involved as the main purpose is to find the middle ground in the matter
  • Set the context for your own position among the others like you did before. Show why your position might be the right one and how it would all fall into place. You must have chosen and taken your position based on certain aspects that should be in front of the others. One most essential element is Rogerian Argument is the use of rhetoric and the rhetorical elements of logos, ethos, and lastly pathos. You would be considering your side of the argument through the light of these elements such as what is the ethical, emotional, and logical aspects of it all when it comes to making a decision.
  • Arguments should be pursued with a purpose to learn and not for the sake of fighting and proving superiority. Many might think that the ultimate end of an argument is winning or losing which is definitely not the case if it is pursued logically and rationally. Learning and coming to a collective conclusion is the key and that is where the Rogerian argument would prevail. You are not in a debate to show your side is the best rather you are trying to reach some decisive end with the best of both worlds. If you are confused, simply consult a write my essay service now.

You can now clearly identify a simple form of argument and Rogerian argument. When writing an essay, you would be setting the argument accordingly but there are some key aspects of an essay that you should follow in any case for it to be a hit. These would remain constant whatever idea you may have in your mind and thus must be learned by heart and practiced over and over again. Follow the steps.

  • Clearly understand the topic before jumping in. Establish what the world says and what you are about to say. Who is against you and who is with you on the matter? Characterize both and take notes rationally.
  • Develop a nice outline for all the sections that would be involved in the essay. The outline would serve the purpose of giving your entire essay a direction. Anything that you find out of place can be easily modified without affecting the final draft
  • Now when you start to write, open with a hook to let the audience know what you are about to argue in an interesting manner. End the intro with a thesis that would explain all that you would be standing up for.
  • Once all that needs to be written has been included, proofread, and check for consistency.

So now you have multiple things in your arsenal to approach an argument. Lastly, you can always consult a paper writing service to complete this task for you.