60+ Interesting research topics for Psychology Research Papers

Looking for an interesting psychology topic for a research paper? Well, that can be tricky. It is because many times students pick a topic thinking that it will be interesting but they themselves lose interest halfway through the research. At that point, they can not go back and change the topic, the only option they have is to continue with their research and compose a paper. With a lack of interest, they might be able to complete a research paper but it will not be as good as something that they would be interested in or you can ask others to write my paper.

  1. Impact of aging on mental illness
  2. capital punishment for sex offenders
  3. benefits of Socializing on mental health
  4. Role of hypnosis in Quitting smoking
  5. Is morality influenced by harsh laws?
  6. A link between mental health and child obesity
  7. Are later mental health issues related to childhood trauma?
  8. Influence of divorce on children
  9. Impact of Social Interaction on mental health
  10. Impact of Postpartum Depression on a child
  11. Use of cognitive-behavioral treatment of sex offenders as treatment
  12. Violence in teenagers
  13. Impact of depression on work performance
  14. Mental health Effects of torture
  15. Abandonment of Senior citizens due to mental illness
  16. Factors that influence your motivation
  17. Alteration of memory due to trauma
  18. Effectiveness of treatment of PTSD
  19. The mental effects of hate crimes on victims
  20. Mental health concerns that go untreated in homeless people

Are these topics not appealing to you? As stated before it is necessary that an essay writer chooses a topic that interests you. If there is a topic that doesn't interest you then you will not bother making much effort for it and compose average research just to fulfill the requirement of it. On the other hand, if you choose one of the psychology research topics that fascinate you, then you will go above and beyond to conduct the research, analyze different perceptions and consult a number of sources. Working with passion is always rewarding and in this way, you will be able to compose a high-quality research paper.

  1. Role of therapists in the military
  2. How habits change over time
  3. Conversion of recurring actions into habit
  4. Impact of miscarriage on the couple’s mental health
  5. Psychological strategies for the Promotion of Mental Health
  6. Impact of Bipolar Disorder on social life
  7. Link of gut microbiota with depression
  8. The influence of Genetics on intelligence
  9. How mental illnesses affect our quality of life?
  10. Different torture methods used by violent criminals
  11. Effectiveness of treatment on narcissists
  12. Tolerance is a tool to improve mental health
  13. negative body image formed by social media expectations
  14. Ways to treat elderly people suffering from financial abuse
  15. Underlying causes of Postpartum depression
  16. Significance of interacting with nature
  17. Benefits of spending time with animals
  18. The negative impact of hypnosis
  19. psychological profiling of terrorists
  20. Psychological profiling of Serial killers
  21. Introvert behavior in teenagers
  22. The link between stress and sleep deprivation
  23. The main phases of Human brain development
  24. Impact of phobias on personality development
  25. Inferiority complex developed due to Office issues
  26. Impact of schizophrenia on quality of life
  27. Depression due to social media
  28. Psychological effects of solitary confinement
  29. Ways to control teenage suicide
  30. Psychological issues of Homeless people
  31. The role of genes in hyperactive children
  32. Contributing factors to Suicidal behaviors
  33. Mechanism of Motivation theories
  34. Effect of colors on mental states
  35. Psychological reasons for Depression
  36. Factors affecting Durable marriages
  37. Role of media in promoting obesity
  38. Contributing factors to hate crimes in the community
  39. Impact of Environment on personality development
  40. Parental narcissism and child’s mental health
  41. Link of Depression to obesity
  42. Origin of phobias
  43. The relation of financial issues and divorce rate

With all these amazing options, you must have chosen a topic by now. If you have then take a quick test to know if this research topic is perfect for you. Answer the following questions regarding your topic and you will realize if you should start working on your research.

  • 1.   Is research on topics going to help the knowledge body?

    Your topic will be approved only when it is beneficial to the existing Knowledge body. So make sure that the answer to this question is yes.

  • 2.   Is this topic over-researched?

    If no, then move onto the next step. But if the answer is yes then there is no harm in conducting research on a topic that has been researched before. But you must find ways in order to make the topic a bit unique.

  • 3.   Is the topic too broad or too narrow?

    Sometimes students choose a topic that is too broad to cover in one research paper. For instance, if your topic is ‘sleeping disorders’ then you will face difficulty in selecting a few disorders to cover and then you will have to briefly research them. On the other hand, if you have a very narrow topic, then you may lack skills and resources at the current stage of your degree or program. In any of these cases, it will become very difficult for you to conduct quality research. If you are confused, simply consult a write my essay service now.

  • 4.   Is this topic relevant to your degree/program/course?

    The topic must be relevant to your course or any education program which requires this research. It is because your instructor or supervisor will approve the proposal only when they think it is fit for testing your skills in a particular degree or program. If the answer to this question is yes then you should move on to the next step. However, if you think that it may not be relevant then consult your supervisor or instructor.

  • 5.   Will this topic help you in the future?

    The future here refers to your next education program or your career. If the answer is yes then go ahead with the topic. But if it is a no or if you are confused then try to modify the topic in such a way that it relates to what you wish to do in the future.

Lastly, you can always consult a paper writing service to complete this task for you.