46 Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

Every college student’s greatest enemy is the all so ominous blinking cursor situated in the white abyss. A cursor that gets increasingly annoying with each passing hour. And as the deadline draws near, it undoubtedly leads you towards insanity.

But do not fret, as there are ways to help alleviate your suffering. For starters, you could go for an essay writing service. Or you could simply have a look at the 46 interesting, description-related, college essay topics below.

The People You Know

It’s amazing how many details you can come up with about someone if you put your mind to it. Some example topics to help you do that are as follows:

  1. My best friend
  2. My lifelong mentor
  3. My hero
  4. My rival
  5. My archenemy
  6. My favorite teacher
  7. The ideal parent
  8. Describe yourself to a stranger
  9. My pet
  10. My soulmate

You can even write on notable personalities and celebrities. They always have a lot of accomplishments and backstories that can make for some great details. Good options for which are as follows:

  1. Muhammad Ali – the Greatest
  2. Marilyn Monroe – actress, singer, and model
  3. Mother Teresa – nun and missionary
  4. Florence Nightingale – the founder of modern nursing
  5. Bill Gates – a man who changed the world

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The Places You Go

The different places you have visited can also be used for such essays. But they do require some extra details, so be sure to get some essay help online for guidance. Meanwhile, some interesting topics you can write on are listed below.

  1. The White House
  2. The Lincoln Memorial
  3. Capitol Hill
  4. The wonders of the world
  5. The Louvre

The Things You Show

Objects can also hold a lot of meaning for us. As such, it’s no surprise that we can write about them in great detail too. Have a look at some of the things you can write about below.

  1. My childhood toy
  2. My favorite thing
  3. Why my phone is the best
  4. My cherished belonging
  5. Something I can’t live without

The Interests You Mold

If you are really passionate about something; you can easily write an essay describing it in no time. But just to make sure you go in the right direction, have a look at the following topics.

  1. My dream job
  2. How I spend my weekends
  3. What music means to me
  4. Why I collect stamps
  5. My favorite sport
  6. A productive pastime

The Experiences You Hold

There is nothing quite satisfying as telling someone about your experience and watching them learn from it. Recollections of days long past or anticipations for the future are always filled with tons of information. Thus, making them ideal topics for a descriptive essay. Some ideas for which can be found below.

  1. The happiest day of my life
  2. My proudest moment
  3. My greatest achievement
  4. A lesson I learned
  5. The mistakes I have made
  6. What not to do while riding a horse
  7. How my life changed for the better
  8. Something I look forward to
  9. An experience worth sharing

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The Traits You Behold

Sometimes you just need to tell people how you feel about someone or something. Which again is something you can go on about for hours. And what better way to share your feelings, than by writing an entire essay about it. A list of topics to help you do that is as follows:

  1. What I value in a person
  2. What a friend should be like
  3. What traits any good teacher should have
  4. An emotion I hate feeling
  5. My kind of guy
  6. What makes someone a criminal

So, there you have it, a list of 46 different and highly engaging topics is now at your disposal. All of which can make adding details to your essay a whole lot easier. However, if you’re still facing problems, just go online and seek some well-deserved help from a paper writing service .