Difference between Effective and Ineffective Thesis Statements

At different times in life, we come across situations or are given a task where we have to present our thoughts and ideas in words or pen them down on paper. This is not everyone's cup of tea as writing is not an easy job. Presenting your idea in such a way that it delivers and explains the main purpose of your writing is something that requires practice.

Essays are an important part of writing. Kids are taught from a young age to come up with ideas and write on them. One of the most important parts of an essay is its thesis statement. It represents the main purpose of your writing and how you are going to support your stance.

Writing a solid thesis statement is tough when you are new to writing. It becomes easier as you move forward with your practice. A good thesis statement can make your essay look appealing and readers will appreciate it whereas a bad thesis statement will only give a wrong impression of your writing as well as the wrong idea/purpose of your essay.

If you are unsure about your thesis statement then some guidance can come in handy for you. Consulting or hiring a reliable essay writer can get you started with your essay. Here I am going to mention some differences between an effective and ineffective thesis statement from which you can take help and write or edit your essays.

Just go through the following key points and they will also help you come up with an effective thesis statement. Don't worry, I have got you covered, mate.

  • An effective thesis statement is general and not specific to the first person. It never includes the use of "I" rather he, she and it are used that gives the third-person point of view.
  • Ineffective thesis statements are more general and vague. For instance, “I am talking about gender equity in this essay”. Whereas it could be rephrased like this “As men are paid more than women in the corporate world, the employers must narrow the earning gap between genders to eradicate the problem of gender equity”. Now that is a strong thesis statement because it does not include the first person, gives the main idea of your writing clearly, and also briefly supports your stance.
  • Effective thesis statements are concise and to the point. Long paragraphs are not termed as a thesis statement. If you are confused, get professional help from a paper writing service now.
  • Writing an opinion with which a person can agree with or argue against works wonders when you are writing the thesis statement for argumentative essays.
  • Ineffective thesis statements are often in the shape of a question. Never do that or else the readers will not get an insight about what the essay is about or what point you are trying to prove here.
  • The scope of an effective thesis statement is limited and not broad. Although, you must ensure that your thesis statement introduces your topic and how the evidence that you have led to your conclusion but do not give extra details.
  • An effective thesis allows the reader to anticipate the flow of the paper instead of making random guesses and realizing after reading the whole essay what the stance of the writer was. On the other hand, with an ineffective thesis, readers are usually left confused and unsure. In case you are confused, hire a write my essay service now.
  • Writing is tough if you do not follow the correct pattern and keep in mind the restrictions it has. Yes, I know that you would prefer that you get some assignment help or someone else does it for you but in the long run it would always be better for you if you practice it yourself.
  • Keeping the difference between effective and ineffective thesis statements will help you write a good thesis and impress your readers from the beginning. I know you can do this. If you need help, get it from a write my paper service now.