Do's and Don'ts of Movie Review Writing - Guide

So finally it's movie time. I know you must be excited and experiencing butterflies in your stomach. However, let me inform you that if you are a student and you are told to watch a certain movie or your professor has planned a movie day then be ready to be assigned with an assignment to write a movie review.

I know I have killed all the excitement but believe me that writing a movie review isn’t that boring. Typically, students watch the movie, and then in their essay just give a plot summary along with their opinion and think that their task is done which is wrong.

A movie review is more than just a mere opinion. It comprises the analysis of all the major and minor details that are organized in a proper format so that the readers can get an insight into what the movie is all about.

Still in a dilemma? Don’t know how to write a movie review? Well, let me put an end to all your ambiguities by telling you about the dos and don’ts of movie review writing so that you can nail the art of writing a review and can attain higher scores. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin or you can ask others to write my paper.

The Do’s

  • Read, watch and listen to the whole thing

    Like it or not but if you are assigned a task to write a movie review, then you need to not only watch the film again but also dig through the internet to find the posted reviews and other material related to the film.

    I know it sounds too much but believes me it is the first step to crafting an incredible essay. Remember! You aren’t watching the movie for entertainment purposes and even if you like the movie then again you need to watch the film attentively and then jotting down the imperative points so that you won’t miss any major or minor details.

    Once you are done watching the film it’s time to read through the review posted online or listen to the view of people regarding the film. This will give you a head start for your essay and you can easily craft a review that can help an essay writer in securing good grades.

  • Getting familiarized with the genre

    To write an effective review it is imperative that you get yourself familiar with the genre of the film. Remember! Every film is different. It can be a horror movie or a comedy or a mix of suspense and drama. Therefore, if you identify the genre then you can easily analyze the movie whether it is as per the standards of the genre. Moreover, it can also help in making your review more objective.

  • Know about elements of a movie

    A movie isn’t merely about a plot or characters but it has several elements that combine together to make an incredible movie. Therefore, it is necessary to know about cinematography details, editing, camera placements, sound, costumes, and settings. You can compare and contrast the elements of one movie with the other movies of a similar genre but make sure that you consider your audience before writing a review. Since you aren’t a professional and your audience is entirely academic it is necessary to not use informal words or slang.

    Remember! You are welcomed to give your opinion but don’t forget about movie elements.

The don’ts

  • Don’t use adverbs

    Typically, while writing a review, students often use adverbs such as “Really” and “very”, etc that are meaningless and just emphasizing something. For instance, if you are telling the readers that the film is good instead of using the sentence that “Overall the film is worth watching and is interesting” the students write “Overall the film is worth watching and is very exciting”.

    Try using easy to comprehend words that have a meaning rather than overpowering your review with meaning fewer adverbs or adjectives.

  • Don’t ignore the social and political context of the movie

    Regardless of the genre, a movie revolves around either a social or a political context. Obviously, if a movie is about a historic event or a political issue it will be slightly easier for you to identify but when it comes to social issues many students get confused.

    Look for the filmmaker’s choices of depicting a certain issue. You can ask questions that whether the filmmaker is successful in highlighting a social or apolitical? How the setting of the story influences the social issue that is under the light? This way you can easily grab the social or political issue discussed in the movie.

    Tip: do proper research about the historical or sociopolitical issue discussed in the film. Dig deeper and look for authentic sources that are relevant to the issue discussed and then go through them to clearly understand the motivation behind the plot of the movie.

  • Be vary of adding spoilers

    The main aim of the movie review is to let the readers know whether the movie is worth watching or not and to also tell the readers about the technical aspects of the film along with the efforts of the entire cast and crew in making the film. However, what most students do is start their review with a summary of the plot and in that plot give tiny hints of the climax or a major conflict that can spoil the movie.

    Remember! Instead of starting your movie with a plot summary start with a catchy hook and then a brief overview of the plot. Moreover, while you are explaining about cinematography or editing or even other technical aspects of the film, don’t give spoilers it can ruin the movie for the people who haven’t watched it yet.

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