Guidelines for a Research Paper in IEEE format

Knowing your target audience is one of the most critical and so significant to write a good paper or technical paper. It is always likely that readers would prefer skipping your paper or work if they think that the writer does not understand who they are and what they are looking for.

According to professional writers, if you are writing your research paper in the IEEE format then your writing process must involve;

  • Peers in your particular field
  • Peers in your general field
  • Technical people out of your particular field
  • The professional audience, even if non-engineering

Proceeding further, always make sure that you decide on the main topic of your research paper. But before that, try to ensure who is your primary audience. So that you would understand who will first read your research paper. After that, identify and understand your secondary audiences and make sure to consider them when composing your draft. In case you are still confused, ask others to write my essay in no time.

A research paper is usually written for the purpose to report and present a certain research study. The initial draft of the research paper is developed at the time of the research process. And sometimes just after completion of the research process.

After completion of the first draft, you can proceed to write a more detailed and revised as well as polished draft according to proper IEEE citation which is then published in a journal. However, never forget that the key focus of your research paper should be limited to all key aspects of your study.

It has been specified in the official IEEE website that IEEE does not need the author to follow a specific format but it applies only to conference papers. However, research papers must be composed according to the IEEE formatting guidelines. The IEEE website offers free templates that you can use to write your research paper.

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Professional writers say that the initial or basic structure of your research paper in IEEE format is somewhat similar to the conference report. However, do not use a similar format (conference report’s format) for your research paper because there are some points that differentiate these formats. For example, (in general) a research paper (written in IEEE format) includes;

  • Acknowledgment
  • Affiliations (if any)
  • Abstract
  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Literature review
  • Research method
  • Experimental data
  • Results and findings
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Bibliography

Whenever you write a research paper in IEEE format, make sure to use clear headings and subheadings. Some authors call it section headings and subsection headings. So do not get confused, it is the same thing. Furthermore, make sure that the whole text of your research paper involving the main title, headings and subheadings, bibliography, and tables, etc. should be typed double spaced. In addition to this, your paper should be with a 1-inch margin all around.

Remember! Authors and professional writers suggest following the APA style manual if you face any other formatting or style issues while writing a research paper in IEEE format. If you need help, get it from a paper writing service now.