Interesting Examples of College Application Essays – Guide

Students tend to enjoy their life in high schools and try their best to secure good grades. Some exceptional students successfully get a scholarship for a college education. For that purpose they study a lot and writing an admission or college application letter is just one step towards success. A good essay ensures a secure and bright future for successful students. You need to remember one thing that they do not become good writers overnight rather they struggle a lot.

Indeed, some students try their best to write an exceptional essay but still do not get a scholarship. It is only because you do not need to work hard rather work smart and just fulfill the very basic requirements of such an essay. Remember the members included in your college admission committee already have enough knowledge and information mentioned in your essay. They are competent enough to reach that position. If you want to learn basic principles then think of getting help from an essay writer nearby available.

If it is difficult to find a good writer then you need to think out of the box. You have all the knowledge for writing a good essay - you just need guidance. In this digitized work, you should look for a paper writing service online guidance for an admission letter. It would definitely help you step by step, finally by producing an exceptional admission essay.

Sometimes despite knowing and learning all the principles does not help to write a good essay unless you see an example. An example would give a precise outlook, what to do, and how to do it in your essay. In this post, I will write some college application essay examples that can work as guidance for you. After reading this post you will be able to write your own essay and ultimately secure admission to college or you can ask others to write my paper.

College Application Essay Examples

Example 1

In schools, we learn different methods to memorize different topics and related facts and figures. Surprisingly, the basic function of the human mind is not to memorize anything. It is good for processing information with the ability to learn from our past experiences. But we never managed to remember any memorized material after our summer vacations. The education system in the school is flawed where everyone only tries to deliver the bare minimum. To understand the learning mechanism I attended a five-week enrichment program on a college campus. I was surprised to know that the teaching method was entirely different on the college level. The instructors did not teach us by using fancy terms or complex terminologies. Their main focus was on the explanation of the theoretical understanding of concepts. It was only because we need to apply those concepts to actual conditions. Such teachings methods help the student to learn and clear their concepts instead of memorizing material that they would eventually forget.

Example 2

During my academic period in high school, I studied different subjects. Now, I know that some of them would not have any practical implication in my regular life. In high school, I was very enthusiastic about my higher education. The only thing I did not know was the change in the entirety of the education system. I was very keen, thorough, and vigilant in my education securing good grades in all quizzes. I was living an ideal life, a life that anyone could have imagined. I was bright and all my teachers tend to like me due to my exceptional educational abilities. The thing I did not know that it would all change in college but here the system of teaching, learning, and evaluation were different. At first, it was not less than a shock to me then I tried to cope with this issue and realized the lethality of matter. However, the only way for my survival to switch my learning pattern so that I can become an exceptional student in college too.

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