Key Differences between a Biography and an Autobiography

If you want to tell a life story, there are three different formats used to write it. A memoir, autobiography, and a biography. It becomes a little confusing to explain and differentiate between each one of them since there are some differences and some similarities found across the board.

Most of the students like you are often asked to tell about your life's story when you join a new school. You then get bewildered about what to write and how to write. You then approach an essay writer to write something for you. Writing about life is not something easy.

When you join a new school, people over there don’t know you, hence, you are asked to reveal yourself by writing something about your life. This practice should be done very carefully as the rest of your student life and your first impression rely on it.

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Key Differences

Human life is a complex phenomenon and not everyone is capable enough to articulate it in mere wordings. It is pure art and an experienced person can do it. Some of the key differences between autobiography and biography are as follow;

  • If you have to write a life story of someone else, maybe a leader or celebrity, it’s called a biography. But if you have to write about your own life's story then it’s an autobiography.
  • Biography can be written after thorough research on the individual. Interviewing his close friends, family, and people with those he has/had worked with. It is a lengthy task and requires a fair amount of time to complete. The process is extremely difficult and sensitive. You have to take into consideration the sensitivities attached to the person whom you’re writing on. Your vision should be clear and you should be sharp. You need to be very careful in the choice of words you are going to use for the writing.
  • An autobiography is comparatively easier. You must be thinking about how to write an autobiography right? It is very simple to write. Though the expressions should be aligned with the content of your story. You need to be precise and honest with what you are writing. In case you are confused, hire a write my essay service now.
  • There’s a fair chance that you will get judged by the autobiography you submit in your college. The rest of your time in college will be influenced by it. So you should be careful what to share and what not to. A biography on the other hand is less risky. But still, you need to be vigilant while writing about someone’s life. Practice makes a person perfect, hence, you should practice more and more - by doing so you will gain perfection in it.
  • The third person is used to write a biography, while in an autobiography, it is always written in the first person. A biography is written to present information about the subject, while an autobiography is written to present personal experiences. Biography is about informing and establishing a piece of information, whereas, autobiography is about explaining the thoughts and motivation behind your motivations and actions.
  • In a biography the writer cannot explain the feelings and thoughts of the subject under discussion. On the other hand, in the biography, the reader can have full access to the feelings and thoughts of the subject. A biography should be written under a defined guideline which is not a practice for autobiography. The language used in an autobiography is subjective. On the contrary, it’s objective while writing a biography. An autobiography starts from childhood to adulthood and informs the reader about all the life experiences of the writer. While in biography only important events are mentioned and discussed. If you need help, get it from a paper writing service now.