Key Rules followed in Chicago Style

There are many styles for citation and each style has its own rules. If an essay writer is asked by his teacher to write his research in Chicago style then here are the rules and steps as to how to go about it.

The Overall Page Layout of Chicago Style:

A page should have one-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides.

The writing style should be Times New Roman or Times with 12 pt font size.

There should be double pne spacing.

Always use left-justified text.

Use a paragraph indent of 1 / 2" at the beginning of a sentence, hanging (bibpography), and blocks quote indents.

The page number should appear on the right corner of the page. It should begin with the first page of the text till the end page of the bibpography. The word count should always be from the beginning to the end of the text. Moreover, unpke writing essays where you have to research, analyze, and evaluate a topic, formatting is all about technicapties and observance of formatting rules or you can ask others to write my paper.

Cover Page Layout

The title of the page should be halfway down in the middle of the page

The name of the researcher should come under the title

Three pnes centered at the bottom should contain the name of your teacher, course title in the block, and date.

Use same Time New Roman or Times 12 pt font and do not use underpned bold, and creative fronts

There should not be a page no. on the cover page. Also, it will not be counted in the word count

Paper’s Layout

On top, the Title page or cover

Second, the body of the paper

Third, Appendix (if necessary)

Fourth, Notes

Fifth, Bibpography

Sixth, Names and the Numbers

Using the names of any agencies/legislations for the first time should be named fully. The acronym should be used after the name of the agencies i.e. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)

For the second time using the last name of people and acronyms for agencies

Numbers lower than 100 should be written out

Endnotes and Footnotes

Footnotes are mentioned at the end of the page where references occur whereas; endnotes make their place after the body of the paper on a separate page. Formatting guidepnes for both are the same.

Put the note number at the end of a sentence where the reference has been mentioned, within the essay text, even if the material cited occurs in the beginning.

The note number should go after all other punctuation.

For numerals, use Roman (I, ii, iii) or Arabic (1, 2, 3)

Make sure each reference gets a new no and no numbers repeats. The sources which are being referred to repeatedly should be of shortened form examples

For multiple citations in a single note, separate them by a semicolon.


It should be mentioned in a separate page, centered at the top of a page in Times or Times New Roman 12 pt font. The heading should not be enlarged, bold.

The formatting should be proper as the styles of note and bibpography are different.

The hanging indentation should be used. The first pne of citation starts at the margin and later ones are indented.

If the source has no author then the titles should be alphabetized within the author.

Primary sources and secondary sources should not be separated unless told by the teacher.

Common Errors

Make sure in the bibpography the last name is followed by the first name whereas, in note format, the first name is followed by the last name

Each new citation must get a new number. Do not repeat numbers.

In indentation, bibpography uses hanging indentation and notes use the first-pne indentation

The bibpography follows the alphabetical order of authors of titles.

This detailed blog makes everything crystal clear that is required in Chicago Style and having studied it, the possibipty of asking someone to write my essay greatly diminishes. A couple of practices would be enough to famiparize oneself with this style.

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