Learn How to Create an Outline for a Literary Analysis Essay - Guidelines

Analysis, huh? That too of a piece of literature? Could there be anything else more difficult to write? Probably not!

I know. I know. These are the thoughts that go through the mind of a student whenever they get a literary analysis essay as an assignment. Students think it is the worst because they actually have to do some reading on it.

And well, we are not big on reading nowadays, are we?

Well, the good thing is that I can tell you how to make the writing of such an essay easier.

You can do that by creating an outline. Unless you want to try out some reliable essay writing service online, this is your best option. It will allow you to sort your thoughts and get a lot of work done for the essay.

So, here is how you are gonna do it or you can ask others to write my paper.

Step #1: Look for a Template Online.

The first step in writing an outline is always going to be knowing how to write an outline.

For this, you need a template that shows you exactly how an outline looks like.

Most outlines are divided into three parts: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Then these parts have subdivisions like the body is divided into three parts which become three paragraphs in an essay.

Step #2: Read Literature.

Here comes the hard part. If you have not been reading the literature assigned to you then I am afraid you will need to get started now.

You can’t create an outline without having read the text.

Try not to think that you are reading for class. Instead, enjoy the text in front of you.

That should get you started.

Step #3: Take Notes.

Ok, so, you are doing this for class. So, once you are done reading, you will have to take notes on things you found interesting.

If you want, you can do this while you are reading so that you don’t have to read the text all over again.

In any case, you will take notes and try to comment on the action of the characters.

Step #4: Look for the Theme you Want to Discuss.

While you are reading, you will have to remember that you need a thesis.

And since you need a thesis, you will need a common, central idea that will become the focus of your outline.

It is this idea that you will try to find while reading and when you are taking notes.

Have a look at your notes and try to single out what you want.

Step #5: Find Ways to Reinforce your Idea.

Once you have your idea, you will have to find evidence to prop up the idea. This means that you will scan your text and recall what you have already read.

You will point towards the actions of certain characters, or the scenes depicted in your text.

You will analyze the dialogues and the symbols and this is how you will support your point of view.

Step #6: Get Writing.

Once you have all the evidence that you need, you need to sort it out into an outline.

You will need at least three points to support your thesis. These points will become your body paragraphs and you will use your evidence here.

The evidence will be used to support these three points.

Just sort the points according to the template.

And here we have it…

The perfect way to write an outline. If you want, you can find a paper writing service and they can help you with your work. Different websites offer different services but some of them can give you samples, that too for free. Just ask them to write my essay and get it done now.

So, one way or the other, you are gonna get this outline written!