Tips to Create Topic Sentences for a Descriptive Essay

Have you ever been in a situation where you have submitted an essay but the teacher said that some of the paragraphs are irrelevant to the main topic? If the answer is yes, you may have the problem of generating good topic sentences for the various paragraphs. In the following lines, we will provide tips for creating effective topic sentences.

Developing a thesis statement

The initial step for creating strong topic sentences includes developing an effective thesis statement. The reason is that the topic sentences of all the paragraphs should be related to the thesis statement. This statement will sum up the purpose of the whole descriptive essay. Writing a good thesis statement also requires a considerable amount of research and analysis. If confused, ask others to write my paper .


There is a growing concern regarding the environmental impact of food. This is in connection with the human effect on the environment. It is compulsory to modify the methods of food production or usage.

Making an outline to form sentences for topics

The next step is to create an outline of the essay. This will allow you to plan the structure and content of the essay. Since topic sentences are placed at the start of each paragraph, this outline will also help you in developing effective topic sentences. The outline of the essay will also contain a glimpse of the evidence that will be used in it. It is good to draft a topic sentence for each paragraph at this stage to show the main points of each section.


There is a lot of research showing that there is a significant impact of the meat industry on the environment

Expand with evidence

When the topic sentence has been written, the paragraph should logically flow from it. The writer should provide evidence in the form of past research or statistics. The paragraph should remain focused on the topic sentence. From the above example, the writer can present research and statistics specifically related to the meat industry. An essay writing service may help you in gathering all the relevant sources. They may provide you with a sample outline or essay for free.

Change the topic sentences accordingly

When you have presented the evidence to support the ideas, you may have to change some aspects of the topic sentences. They should match the whole paragraph content. A topic sentence should be specific so that it gives a better idea of what will be discussed in the whole passage. It should help the reader in knowing the direction in which your argument is going

Using transition words

The topic sentences can also be used to connect one paragraph to the preceding ones. The transition words may be used in the topic sentences to show their relation to the ideas presented before. To get essay help, you can consult a paper writing service for the best transition words in the given context. Sometimes, a paragraph will emphasize the points presented in the last section and the topic sentence may include a word like furthermore or additionally.


Furthermore, cattle farming results in a huge emission of greenhouse gases

Summary and anticipation

Another way to write the topic sentence is to summarize the content from the last paragraph and guide the readers about what is coming ahead.


Although beef has the most serious impact on the environment, other related products also play an essential part in water and land usage.

Comparison or contrast

If the paragraph contains materials to compare and contrast some concepts, the topic sentence may contain words to compare or contrast these concepts.


The environmental costs of the food industry may not be clearly described. In some cases, limited animal farming may be more viable than large-scale food processing.

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