44 Breathtaking Topics for Critical Essays

There are many times when you have to think and then come up with some opinion on a matter. Being critical is somewhat the same and if you have to think like that for an essay, you have come to the right place.

There might be many topics assigned to you where you would have to critique. A critical essay serves this purpose. Here are some great topic ideas for you to consider for your next assignment or you can ask others to write my paper .

Essay Topics

  1. Gender roles in society
  2. Sugary drinks and obesity
  3. Economy and the pandemic
  4. Videogames and violence
  5. Sports-related drug testing
  6. Same-sex marriages
  7. The reason behind racism today
  8. Nature versus nurture
  9. Self-driving cars and their implications
  10. Religion and war
  11. Effects of a diverse society
  12. Diversity in the workplace
  13. Gun Control. This is a very essential topic and requires critical thinking. If you need guidance, you can contact an essay writing service.
  14. Pollution due to technological advancement
  15. Fossil fuels
  16. Industrialization and its adverse effects on nature
  17. Use of technology on a daily basis
  18. Use of technology in education
  19. The difference in communication between men and women
  20. Poverty
  21. Dictatorship versus democracy
  22. Immigration and its effects
  23. Body shaming
  24. Cyber Security in organizations
  25. Bullying and its effects
  26. Role of parenting
  27. Single-parent households
  28. Drug addiction
  29. Addiction in teenagers
  30. College athletes and compensation
  31. Violent parenting styles
  32. Future prospects of technology
  33. Will technology replace people
  34. Cloning and ethics
  35. Freedom of media
  36. Global warming and its causes
  37. Social media usage and its cognitive effects
  38. Traditional sports versus Esports
  39. Safe use of the internet
  40. The implication of smartphone usage in children
  41. Suitable drinking age
  42. Social learning and its advantages
  43. Peer pressure
  44. Education systems in various parts of the world

Now if you are handed an assignment with an open choice, you can pick any of the desired topics. But keep in mind, choosing a topic is one thing and producing a final draft is another. Of course, if you want help, do not rely on a cheap paper writing service that would swindle you. Trust the best specialists to guide you.

There are certain rules that you must be aware of when writing such essays. These have to be followed in order to achieve the desired result.

Writing Tidbits

  • Understand the topic and go into the depths of it. You do not want an essay without any proper focus or research to back it up. You must know what you are going to be writing about.
  • Background search is mandatory. You must know everything there is to know before you can critically think about something. Remember, this would be subjective and would be guided by research. So you must bear in mind the value of finding the right data.
  • Whenever you come across a point, note it down as you do not want to forget it later on. Essentially, you would be making a rough outline by combining all the data from various sources.
  • Use authentic sources to guide you. Scholarly articles, news websites, etc. can all be used for relevant data.
  • Discuss your view with relevant examples given by the experts. It would give your opinion the credibility that it needs. Supporting evidence must be used to ensure that people can see why you have written what you have.
  • Note down all the ideas and develop a comprehensive outline that you would follow as a blueprint. Divide the outline into relevant sections and then proceed.
  • Once you are satisfied, you can start working on the final essay by including everything that you have collected.

There you have it. No need to wait any longer to write a killer essay. If you are still confused, consult a write my essay service now.