Cause and Effect Essay on Covid-19

Emerged in the city of Wuhan, the deadly disease of coronavirus is a matter of concern for the whole world. Due to its contagious nature, the entire world is now under its threat. It has altered the ways of life, from food to business every sphere of life has seen the negative consequences of this virus. Ever since the emergence of this virus, the death toll is rising to several folds day by day. Besides, bringing death, this virus is leading people towards mental illness as it has confined them to the four walls. In addition to this, the infectious disease covid-19 has greatly impacted the education systems. To save children and adults from catching the disease, schools have been closed on government instructions for months. This fact cannot be denied that all these troubles are leading to damages that are nearly impossible to compensate. Keeping the current situation of covid-19 in mind, this cause and effect essay aims at discussing the negative impacts of coronavirus on people and society.

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Effect of coronavirus on students

Coronavirus looks crueler when seen from a student’s perspective. If you are a student yourself, you must know how it feels to not be able to talk with your friends daily. This disease is affecting people socially and personally. Instead of surrounded by peers, the kids are now surrounded by screens. The restriction to stay at home has disconnected friends.

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Coronavirus has raised crimes

Since businesses are facing major downfall due to coronavirus, both small- and large-scale business organizations are downsizing employees to save themselves from further loss. Most of the people are now unemployed, badly searching for new jobs. But, unable to find new jobs, people are now going for illegal means to earn money. Due to an alarming increase in unemployment, street crimes like robbery, abduction, gambling have increased to a greater extent.

Because everyone is staying at home using cell phones, the rate of cyber fraud has also risen. During this pandemic, people prefer to do online shopping to avoid public gatherings. An increase in online shopping is a great advantage for online thugs. There are multiple online sites that pretend to sell quality products but are actually frauds who cheat people through online transactions.

Fraudsters are also fooling people by giving them fake foreign job offers. Many citizens fell prey to fake coronavirus tests, fake debit card activations, online bookings, etc.

Coronavirus is causing mental and physical health issues

The contagious disease, coronavirus is challenging people physically as well as mentally. Among all the people, the frontline health care workers who spend day and night to save corona patients’ lives have physically and mentally been affected by the disease. Most health care workers are facing anxiety, stress, fear, insomnia indicating all symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

While keeping in mind the current scenario, it will not be wrong to state that the coronavirus is currently one cause that has multiple negative effects. It is quite clear that these long-term effects are severely dangerous that are affecting people at the personal and social level.