Definition Essay on Happiness in Life – Sample

Happiness is indeed the most practiced factor in one’s life. Happiness is above everything like wealth and associations. It is even considered as important as one’s health. Because one cannot be mentally and emotionally well if he or she is not happy. Happiness is one of the most crucial and key factors in a good life.

Every one of us wants to live a happy life and we all take happiness above everything. Right? No one cares about wealth when he or she is not happy. The same is the case with relationships with friends and even family members. It is even true and right that we do not care about good health when they are unhappy.

In short, happiness is the key to having a good life lived. Moreover, happiness is a thing that every individual wants. But it is a fact that happiness is the toughest aspect of one’s life to enumerate. What is “Happiness in Life”?

Following is the essay that defines the term happiness and what it is in one’s life. This definition essay does not only cover what is happiness. But it puts a light on various aspects of happiness in life or you can ask others to write my paper.

Essay Example on Happiness in Life


Happiness is one of the most desired things ever wanted by individuals. But unfortunately, there are fewer people who get happiness easily and comfortably in their lives. It is difficult enough to get happiness in our lives. Because individuals usually associate happiness with surrounding factors such as people and things in the surrounding environment. A true and clear fact is “happiness usually begins and ends with one’s own life”. It means that happiness in life is the sole factor.

Thesis Statement

Every individual who understands that “happiness usually begins and ends with one’s own life” is the one who gets happiness in life, with no trouble.


There are many people who associate happiness with wealth or money. And there are fewer who link it with personal relationships. But this is very crucial to understand you cannot be happy in your associations and with money in case you are unhappy with your own self. Problems occurring in our personal relationships are very huge. And they all are becoming causes of unhappiness and disappointment. We always want our friends and relatives to make us happy. For example, we expect friends and family members to wish our birthday to us surprisingly and make us happy. But sometimes, we get disappointed because this is not the way to get happiness in life.

No matter what is your age and gender, the importance of happiness in life is always huge for you. The same applies to other factors such as cultural background, race, and religion. This means that happiness in life is necessary for you no matter who you are. Happiness in life is mandatory for everyone when we consider emotional wellbeing and comfort. Because no one feels happy and well if he or she is not emotionally and mentally fit.

Unfortunately, regardless of the reality that happiness in life is very hugely important, individuals do not focus on things or activities that could make them happier in their lives. Instead, they are becoming materialistic. Because they think that they would be happy if they have more (i.e. money) in life. I see many people including healthcare professionals and psychologists who are not happy. The main and major I think is they find happiness in things beyond their own life. Additionally, this fact is also a key reason for depression, anxiety, and stress, etc.

Happiness in life is the key to living a good and comfortable life. With no involvement of other factors like relationships and money etc, happiness in life has to be there. Otherwise, we may not have a good life to live. But the major concern is how we can bring happiness to life. It is no doubt a real and crucial concern. But nothing is impossible. This can be done.

We do many things for ourselves. We need to do some more. We must pay special attention to ourselves in order to get happiness in our lives. More importantly, we should do this all the time. But everything needs effort to be made. Hence, we are always required to take initiative. For example, planning to travel on vacation. While providing some space to other people especially those who are close/near to an essay writer. Because it also helps to create happiness in life


No doubt that happiness is an interior sentiment. It is a very healthy and vigorous feeling. Happiness in life is the source that enables us to stay good and fit psychologically as well as mentally. No one can disapprove that happiness in life lets us overcome depression and stress etc. Indeed, the main reasons for happiness in life would be different from person to person. It means that every one of us considers different factors when thinking about what can make us happy.

For example, one may think that he or she would be happy if they have more wealth in hand. While someone else will consider his or her personal relationships as the core factors/sources of happiness in life. And no doubt you may think differently. So, in case you want real happiness in life. Then you should know and understand that you are the one who can make you happy in your life.

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