Persuasive Essay on Death Penalty

The death penalty is the sentence to death or execution given to an individual as a result of a capital prime. The punishment of the death penalty has existed forever. Every society and civilization has had its ideas and practices of the death penalty. This article will help an essay writer who opt to write my essay services to get to know the various facts about death punishment.

The debate on whether the death penalty is justified or not came, however, to the surface in the previous century only. This persuasive essay will focus on how the death penalty is not the solution for the biggest of the crimes. The death penalty does not deter crime, is an extreme action, and based on human judgment of crime hence it should be abolished.

Justifications for the death penalty

  1. The death penalty serves as a lesson to other wrongdoers and helps deter the crime rate.
  2. It also helps the victim’s family overcome the trauma they went through and will provide them closure.
  3. It eliminates the chance for repetition of crime by killing the criminal. In this way, he will not further live and would have no chance to carry out another capital crime.

The death penalty should be abolished

Although the supporters of the death penalty provide various justifications for the punishment, however, none of these justifications have proved to be true through the course of history.

Does the death penalty deter the crime rate?

The death penalty does not deter crime rates at all. In fact, various countries where it is still practiced have higher crime rates than others that do not practice the death penalty. For instance, 6 people per 100000 were killed in the states of the USA practicing the death penalty for killing. On the other hand, in the states with no death penalty in practice, the rate of murder was 4 per 100000.

Similarly, Canada ended the death penalty once and for all in the year. Since then their crime rate has been reduced by 44 percent. This is because they have used other ways to reduce crime instead of the death penalty. For instance a better police system, improved economy, more employment opportunities, etc.

Does the death penalty provide closure to victims’ families?

According to the research, the death penalty does not provide closure to victims’ families. Instead, it slows down the healing process of the families of victims. It keeps on interfering with their healing and keeps on reminding them of the horrendous crime.

Consider the case of a woman who lost her husband and father to separate murders in the city of Wyoming. She said that she repealed the death penalty because she would have been mentally devastated if she kept on going to court for hearings.

Is removing the offender by killing him justified?

The punishment of executing the offender is an extreme action and can not be reversed. These sentences are given based on the judgments made by judges who are human beings. Human beings are prone to make an error. Many innocents lives have been lost to the death penalty as a consequence of wrongful conviction.

Cameron Todd Willingham, who got famous for being wrongly executed in texas is an example of this wrong conviction-based killing. His innocence was revealed much after he was executed.

The procedures most of the time used for killing the offender are also very inhumane. For instance, lethal injections take 30 minutes for a person to die. These 30 minutes are of extreme and unbearable pain.

These and many other stats revealed in recent times make the death penalty unjustified at any cost. These and more related facts can help students build a notion of the death penalty instead of opting to write my paper for me and can make tasks of writing on the death penalty simpler for them.

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